Bioinformatics as a Webservice

To bring the communicational power of modern internet standards into biomedical devices and basic science solutions is our mission. We make use of various physical computing platforms, connect those with the biological analogue world and sample, analyse and forward data to personalized web applications. We are one of the first companies in Austria who provide bioinformatics as a service, preferably as a web service.

WElcome to life science solutions by



Bioreactor Engineering

Angular APP as GUI
Angular APP to visualize bioreactor data, control its mechatronics and view „life“ data
Physical Computing collecting medical data
Physical computing platforms for real time data acquisition and digital image processing
Physical Computing for biomedical research
Store data in a relational database and host its entries via a complete webstack on an individualized Raspberry Pi
Six camera modules are video streaming live data continuously from each chamber

Biophysical Computing

Our software architecture provides a maximum of intelligence and autonomy for the local physical computing platform, written in C. Microcontroller collect analogue data with a clock speed of 16 MHz while being as energy efficient as possible. Biochambercontrollers convert the analogue biological information to object-oriented data models. Efficient data storage is achieved by embedded systems operated by customized Linux distributions. Python-backends host data nearly in real-time for browser-based and platform-independent graphical user interfaces. Thanks to the applied internet services, all of our systems can be updated and maintained from distance.

Green and Together

We think that digitalization must aid biological beings, and not the other way around. Making biomedical research more efficient means not only to reduce animal testing, but also to speed up the search for knowledge. By prototyping laboratory devices as standardized webservers, data collection and experiment adjustments can be done from every web-enabled device. This means, for researches, fewer weekends are spent in the lab and more time is left for creativity and family.

Bringing forward all of us.